E- African Research Center (EARC Int.)

A Social Research & Development Association Registered in Ghana and the European Union
ARC Business School is incorporated in Lithuania, as part of the European Union. The independent higher learning institution is nationally registered and institutionally accredited. Our educational programs are internationally double-accredited by the following professional accreditation bodies:

ARC Quality Education Principles


The quality assurance processes are designed to reinforce the international value and transferable skills instilled by our qualifications. We recognize the shared responsibility for setting the standard and the maintenance of academic and research standards. Recognizing the broad involvement of the academic staff, students, researchers and other ARC stakeholders.


Whilst there is a shared responsibility for academic quality standards, holding high academic standards only help to ensure that value is retained. The responsibilities of individual roles and functions are clearly stated, for both students, professors and stakeholders.


Quality assurance processes are designed to be proportionate to the risk related to the activity at hand; especially with regards to collaborative provision. Documentation requirements seek to ensure that students and other ARC stakeholders have access to clear and accurate information about study programs, and provides clarity to the ARC partners with respect to the continuous maintenance of academic standards.


Quality processes are clearly communicated to staff and students with good practices being identified and shared across ARC to aid quality enhancement. The quality assurance framework is based on peer review and should involve a constructive dialogue between all those involved in the process.

We are audited regularly by the following accreditation bodies:

  • BAC: British Accreditation Council
  • ACBSP: Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
  • IACBE: International Accreditation Council for Business Education
We gather and analyze qualitative and quantitative data and distribute the information about improvements to all stakeholders. Academic Self-Assessment Reports of all the ARC Business Schools based on these data are submitted annually and reviewed by internal and external audits. The correspondent audit reports contain conditions and recommendations, if applicable, which we implement to develop the ARC Business School’s Strategic Plan for Quality of Education and student success. You can find more information under Accreditation.

E- African Research Center (EARC-Int.)

A Social Research & Development Association Registered in Ghana and the European Union

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A Social Research & Development Association Registered in Ghana and the European Union

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