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E- African Research Center (EARC Int.)

A Social Research & Development Association Registered in Ghana and the European Union
We believe that supporting entrepreneurs with financial knowledge is a critical step towards promoting sustainable economic development and creating a brighter future for all. We are committed to working with our partners to empower entrepreneurs and build stronger communities, one business at a time.

Diploma programs:

When you graduate with a diploma from the E- African Research Center, it means you’ve completed courses and gained hands-on experience in a specific field. Our diploma programs are often more technical and give students practical skills you can apply directly in your chosen field. Some of our diploma programs include:
As an international non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting small businesses, we understand the critical role that education and training play in driving job performance and promoting long-term development. That’s why we offer comprehensive Entrepreneurial Training & Development initiatives designed to equip individuals and groups with the knowledge and skill sets needed to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.
Our programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization and typically involve advancing workers’ knowledge and instilling greater motivation to enhance job performance. We offer a wide range of training practices, including orientations, classroom lectures, case studies, role playing, simulations, and computer-based training, including e-learning.
Our focus areas include Investment, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, and Team & Conflict Management. Our goal is to provide small businesses with the resources they need to succeed, from basic accounting principles to advanced marketing strategies and everything in between.
Our training and development initiatives are designed to promote long-term growth and success, both for individuals and for organizations as a whole. We believe that by investing in education and training, we can help small businesses thrive and create sustainable communities for years to come.

Short courses and Webinars:

Access our free live webinars, short course, workshops, and trainings designed to help you grow your business or expand your career skills. Start learning today. Our free Webinars, Short course, Workshops & Trainings are demand driven and tailored towards the achievement your objective and goal. This is also conducted in all fields of studies include the following:

Social Research

Social Research is a method used by social scientists and researchers to learn about people and societies so that they can design products/services that cater to various needs of the people or take an alternative action to solve their problems.
Different socio-economic groups belonging to different parts of a country think differently. Various aspects of human behavior need to be addressed to understand their thoughts and feedback about the social world, which can be done using Social Research. Any Circumstances or condition can trigger social research – new feature, new market trend or an upgrade in old technology.

ARC commitment to undertaking Social Research to cater for socio-economic of needs of the society or citizenry:

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A Social Research & Development Association Registered in Ghana and the European Union

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